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Affordable video software training
Pause, Rewind & Repeat

Studies show that even people with a great memory only retain 60% of information when learning a new skill. That's what makes videos the perfect solution. You can pause and practice what you've just watched. You can also rewind and watch the video as many times as you need until it makes sense.

Drawing Skills

We don't just teach you how to draw. We teach you the best practices to help you learn the quickest and most efficient way to draw jobs. We cover skills that some people who have used Cabmaster for years didn't know about. Learning the tools you have at your disposal is the key to mastering Cabmaster. 

Extensive Video Library

With hours of videos at your disposal, you can learn everything from setting up Cabmaster through to the best drawing practices.  Our video library is constantly growing with new information added regularly. If you want to learn something specific send us a message and we can add it to our library for everyone to learn from. 


Just like your TV we have structured the video content into different channels. You can subscribe to the "Complete Video Course" to have access to all our videos and all new videos. Or you can subscribe to just the area your wanting to learn more about at a lower monthly outlay. Choose from learning about the "Setup & Configuration or learning "Drawing Skills". We plan on adding more channels overtime. 

Watch on all your devices

You can watch this video series on your computer, phone or tablet. We recommend watching the videos on a 2nd monitor while you're following along in Cabmaster on the other monitor. 

Save Money

Software training can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Videos are the most cost-effective way of sharing knowledge. It is expensive and time consuming to fly technicians all around the county to repeat the same information over and over with different people. Video training cuts our costs and allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. You get to enjoy the same information at the time that is most convenient for you. Enabling us to create more and more videos. You can subscribe for as little as one month or for as long as you're getting value for your money. 


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